Bollywood Australia is pleased to introduce of one of the most ancient Indian classical dance styles, taught right here on the Gold Coast. The famous and beautiful Odissi originating from the state of Orissa in Eastern India.

Its own distinctive technique is spelt out in ancient texts. Its flavour is lyrical, and its style characterised by the tribhangi, the three bodily bends of the head, torso and legs; and the fluid movement of the ribcage around the heart chakra. The Hindustani music system enhances the wave-like effects created in the dance. According to archaeological evidence, Odissi dance appears to be the earliest classical dance style in India.
Brand New Course - now is the chance to enrol in this opportunity of a lifetime. Starts Thursday 1st May. Limited spaces so please enrol early to secure a place in this course. 


Dancing changed my life. I used to sit home feeling sorry for myself and now I have lots of friends and I'm out of the housing dancing and performing!
Dancing for two hours sure beats sweating on the stairmaster at the gym!
What a great, fun activity. I wish I'd found Bolllywood dancing years ago!
Come and dance with us and find out why we love it.
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