Dancing Ancient India
Experience the beauty and tradition of India's classical heritage on the Gold Coast. These traditions are filled with a rich culture of music, dance, language, attire, medicine, architecture, and other arts, and Hindus attribute all aspects of traditional Indian culture to divine intervention. They believe that they live in a land guided by the divine, with a lifestyle created by the divine. 
Hindu mythology is filled with accounts of divine, semi-divine and demonic beings coexisting with human beings on Earth and also in the celestial and nether realms. The most important aspect of this tradition is its moral compass and spiritual culture. Everything revolves around these principles. Dance is a universal language, through which umpteen stories and legends are told. Our mission is to revive India's traditional culture and share these with people all over the world. 
Classical Indian Dance - Bharat Natyam
The oldest and most popular classical dance form of India.
Enjoy exposure to the exotic culture of India through the medium of dance. 
Learn easy to follow, and step by step, fun, dramatic, highly expressive, captivating art form
that sculpts the whole body, slims the waist and ignites the passion
Classical Indian Dance
Classical Indian dance is intended to deliver more than just a short-lived thrill - for performers and audiences alike. It is meant to share something inspiring, the spirit of ancient India, and Bharat Natyam is the ideal medium for this. Classical Bharat Natyam was passed down from one generation to the next, and today it is an incredibly expressive art form, providing the freedom to explore any character or emotion.
Bharat Natyam is the perfect representation of Indian culture because so many aspects of Indian civilisation are woven into it. It incorporates traditional aesthetics, decorum and values, such as benevolence, and humility, the combination of inner strength and exterior softness, the idea of time, space, rhythm, motion and fluid continuity, all of which are portrayed through the dance.
The art form comes down to expression and pure dance, which build upon a repertoire of hundreds of unique movements, steps, gestures and acting elements. Trained dancers know how to move every part of their body in perfect harmony, down to the direction of their eyes and the movement of their breath. This extensive array of techniques and skills heighten the energy and power of the dancer and performance.
What to expect in a typical class
Following on from the invocation (bhumi pranam), there is a basic vocabulary and organisation of movements in dance that serves as a learning tool to facilitates daily practice in order to build stamina, control, balance and proficiency.
Eyes, head, neck, single hand gestures (asanjukta hastas), both hand gestures (sanjukta hastas), the positions and movements of the arms, body, torso, feet and basic steps provide a robust grounding towards the eventual execution of the dance technique and art. 
These elements are woven into a moving poem as the dancer learns to fuse bhakti (devotion) with shakti (energy) to evoke a display of grace and power that will spellbind the audience and entrance heart, mind and soul. Kamala Shakti's repertoire and spectrum of material is extensive, well able to take the learner from an absolute beginner to an accomplished dancer. 
In each lesson you will learn various facial expressions, hand gestures, foot patterns and the history and meaning of this cultural art form. You will work muscles in your arms, legs and torso that you didn't even know existed. 

Yato hastah tato drishtihi,
yato drishtihi tato manah,
yato manah tato bhava,
yato bhava tato rasah.
Oral traditional. 
Where the hand goes, the eyes follow
Where the eyes go, the mind follows,
Where the mind goes, emotion arises,
and where there is emotion, rasa (flavour) is created. 
Interested in training as a classical dancer? Register today! 5531 0511
Children and adults welcome to all classes. 
Classical Bharat Natyam dance. By appointment
Bollywood dance course. Work out in Indian rhythms Thurs 6:30-7:15pm

Conditions apply:

- Anklets, bangles, etc. are on loan free of charge and can be worn for the duration of the class.
They must be returned at the end of each session and must remain with Bollywood Australia's dance studio props.
Our studio is fully air-conditioned, mirrored and has natural timber floorboards. You'll love learning in a great environment suitable for everyone. 
- No street footwear (dance shoes and socks OK).

- Please turn off mobile phones in class.

- No filming during classes.

- No spectators. All participators. Enjoy. Come and join us!

5531 0511
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Health Institute Australia
Australian Government Registered Training Organisation No. 30834
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